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Vision Statement

Together we build a smart secure future; In silos we stagnate. 

Governments, Small Businesses /Nonprofits, and Industry re-discover pressing needs of our time, re-envision strategies, and re-connect to share the latest resources, innovations, and success stories.

2020 has ushered Smart Cities and Communities worldwide into unchartered waters. Revolutionary or evolutionary, 2020 undisputedly deserves a proper postmortem and re-envisioning of the future.

As the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) works on a Smart Cities and Communities Framework, register to find out how you can contribute along with foremost thought leaders and doers in governments, industry, small businesses, academia and nonprofits.

The event is fast-paced. You’ll learn the pressing needs of our time, engage in big picture and strategy re-thinking for a Smart Future,  and discuss execution successes and resources, and even shape a Declaration, our collaborative Call-To-Action via:

  • keynotes and open forums

  • use cases (what’s worked in governments, SMBs & partnerships)

  • job fair

  • birds-of-a-feather 

  • solutions expo and training

  • a cybersecurity Catch-the-Flag

Spoiler alert: Raffle winners will receive signed books on Smart Cities (best pre-seller on Amazon due out in July; see cover and link below) and others. Signed books for sale. Thank you, Jonathan!

Event Date:  

Oct 14–16, 2020  8 AM – 1 PM PDT

Venue:  Virtual



Tickets Pricing

General Admission: FREE


* $0 for Government and Nonprofits Personnel
* $0 for Small & Medium Business
* $0 for Speakers & Volunteers
* $0 for Cybersecurity Professionals

General Inquiry:

New Best Sellers For Prizes


5 Star-rated New Books

What amazing prizes for our attendees – signed copies by our friends and thought leaders in Smart Cities and AI!


Thank you Dr. Jonathan Reichental and Matthew Bailey for the amazing prizes.  To top it off, interact with them at the event!


Share your feedback or thoughts in the event to win your prizes!  For people who want to buy their own copies, use the URLs listed here. 

Who Should Attend


Why Should You Attend


* Learn SMB-G trend from leaders

* Find resources to generate revenue * Network with peers and experts

Larger Business

* Increase brand awareness as leader
* Broaden market face-to-face at scale
* Contribute to community's well-being


* Network with leaders and experts
* Sign up for opportunities to grow career
* Mentor others in cybersecurity and privacy

Topics & Discussion

Solving SMB-Governments Pain Points

Government and Nonprofit

New day, new vision /strategy /risk approach?

  • What NIST GCTC (500+ Smart Cities and Organizations) and industry leaders re-envision for Smart Cities /Communities (security, inclusivity, resiliency…)

  • New landscape of cybersecurity and privacy risks and solutions from Zulfikar Ramzan (RSA CTO), Matthew Rosenquist and more

Funding and Resources

  • How an NGO help small businesses pivot with eCommerce for $0

  • How a Smart County re-envisions their Internet Vision

  • How a region’s governments convened industry and communities together for resiliency

  • NSF’s $9 Million and EDA’s $1 Million Grants for disaster resilience ecosystems

Best Practices:

  • How #1 Smart City (category under 75,000 residents in 2018) helped the city and businesses with data and more

  • How data guides an organization’s recovery strategy

Larger Enterprises

Productive Partnership

  • Any win-win partnerships to help governments and communities in Smart Secure Cities?

  • Large initiatives for industry leaders to help the nation’s disaster resiliency?

  • Trends in adoption of Smart Secure Cities and market opportunities


Funding and Resources

  • How an NGO help small businesses pivot with eCommerce for $0

  • Resources for SMBs from an SMB and a public private partnership

  • Resources from your governments and SMB associations

Be at the Table

  • Help governments lead with a balanced inclusive policy


First Jobs

  • New year, new tricks for new graduates to find their places?

  • So you’re interested in cybersecurity, do you know the 20+ related jobs?

Career Growth

  • Leadership skills are for every professional. How do you practice your style?

  • Catch-the-flag for cybersecurity fans and digital citizens

Shaping Our Future

  • What needs to happen for a Smart Secure Future

  • What can we individuals do – Add to our collective Declaration

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