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Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities Since 2018

Love your city, or hate it, this is where you can help shape it - it breaks all silos and is free to attend.  

It has grown each year since 2018 with 1,000 registrants in 2020. Click on the year to access past speakers and presentations.

What people have said:

US City Chief Innovation Officer and CIO:

Consequential event. Will brief the Mayor, all City Officials, and the citizens at a City Commission meeting during the annual presentation on smart city research and collaboration initiatives.
Senior Security Analyst, Cal Poly Pomona:
Congratulations on a spectacular event! Your platform was amazing. Everyone that I know attended absolutely loved it. Honestly, of all the virtual events that I have done this year, yours truly has been the best.
Security Professional, Barcelona, Spain:
It was a rich experience with a balanced mix of different visions (cities management, technological risks, privacy, social, advanced use of technology, etc).
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