Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities

This unique collaborative annual conference is free to attend.  Aiming at bringing a municipalities, small businesses and nonprofits together with large enterprises and academia, the event has been successful - 1,000 people registered in 2020. 

US City Chief Innovation Officer and CIO:
Consequential event. Will brief the Mayor, all City Officials, and the citizens at a City Commission meeting during the annual presentation on smart city research and collaboration initiatives.
Senior Security Analyst, Cal Poly Pomona:
Congratulations on a spectacular event! Your platform was amazing. Everyone that I know attended absolutely loved it. Honestly, of all the virtual events that I have done this year, yours truly has been the best.
Security Professional, Barcelona, Spain:
It was a rich experience with a balanced mix of different visions (cities management, technological risks, privacy, social, advanced use of technology, etc).