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See sensitive data at risk? e.g., email addresses, email for responses within one hour.

This notice is inspired by our CEO Lan Jenson's discovery of such a risk at RSA Conference 2022.

Vision Statement

Good. Fast. Affordable. 

More Secure Together.

Trillions of dollars of taxpayers' investments puts a better future in our generation's grasp.
How do we not squander it? Cross-functional digital innovations with security and privacy baked in.
A One-Day Virtual Event

Organized for and by local governments,  businesses, community organizations and professionals in the digital industry.

Dec 12, 2023

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Why Should You Attend

Better starts today - only if people like you break silos and bake in security and equity early on. Bring your voice and join cross-sector leaders who've done it (likely not seen anywhere else).


* Get cybersecurity affordably

* Grow your local economy digitally

* Network for winning project ideas

Businesses & Nonprofits

* Build partnerships for growth
* Grow with leaders & communities

* Get your digital done right at $0

   (digital store, marketing, 

   cybersecurity & privacy)


* Sign up for career opportunities
* Grow hands-on leadership skills

* Network with leaders and experts

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