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Tell me, and I forget;

Teach me, and I remember;
Involve me, and I learn.

-- Benjamin Franklin

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I know and I understand,
but it is only by doing that I truly learn.


-- (Confucius)


Welcome! High school and college students make huge imapcts along with professionals together - Join below.

Receive volunteer hours, growth-feedback & recommendations.

Projects are virtually done in 8 weeks (pro bono or paid). 

Social Media Intern

Help grow a business' Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn followers from 1,000+ up.
Desired skill levels (description):

Specialty (social media): 2+

Time-management: 2+

Communications: 2+

Initiative-taking: 1+

Learning aptitude: 1+

Web Developer Intern

Translate wireframe diagrams into visually appealing designs on Wix. Contribute to JavaScript codebase.
Desired skill levels (descriptions):

Specialty (web design): 2+

Time-management: 2+

Communication: 2+

Initiative-taking: 2+

Leaning aptitude: 2+

CEO Intern

Assist a nonprofit CEO to enable governments cybersecurity with teams of professionals and interns
Desired skill levels (description):

Specialty (leadership): 2+
Time-management: 2+
Communications: 2+
Initiative-taking: 2+
Learning aptitude: 3+

Cybersecurity Mentor

Lead the cybersecurity compliance and best practices of a business digital assets, e.g., email, website.
Desired skill levels (descriptions):

Specialty (cybersecurity): 3+

Time-management: 3+

Communication: 3+

Initiative-taking: 3+

Learning aptitude: 3+

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