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Is the Accelerator worth my time?

Any tangible results for my business?

Are the volunteers pleasant and professional?



Rita: "Other services will be so jealous!"

Rita heard about the Accelerator from the City of San Jose, CA. Rita signed up immediately because, what else could she do?  She had just recovered from COVID while her home-based Academic Boot Camp Troopers for children wasn't as lucky to bounce back.


Pivoting online was the only sensible thing to do. What a pleasant surprise awaited her!

Rita shares her experience 
(70 seconds)


Natasha: "Glad to do your tax filing free of charge as my way to thank-you!"

Natasha, owner of Accountants on the Geaux, Shreveport, Shreveport, LA, attended all meetings on time, and showed a burning drive for everything digital. 


No wonder she gained business during the Accelerator! 

Natasha got game and business! 


Miranda: "I see an uptick!"

Miranda, owner of Miracaza Real Estate Solutions, Arlington, VA, stood out with her infectious warmth, savvy business acumen, and ability to get things done quickly. 


And she got what she'd hoped for from the Accelerator.

Miranda speaks of her Accelerator results and experience  
(65 seconds)


Patrice: "Savvy Internet User Gets Savvier"

Patrice has a great idea of connecting people with their family heritage iby sharing stories.  Joining from Macon, GA, Patrice shared her heart and opened hearts at the Accelerator. 

It's no coincident that she started the nonprofit during COVID19. 

Patrice speaks of her Accelerator experience 
(80 seconds)
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