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Cybertrust America (formerly Adaptable Security) is a

501 (c)(3) non-profit founded by passionate and caring people who want to protect our families and society from cyber risks.

Who Are We?

  • C-suite professionals with a combined cybersecurity and privacy experience of over 1000 years in Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses across the United States, Europe and Asia. 

  • Your neighbors and users of the internet. The more we refuse to be low-hanging fruits for cyber criminals, the more secure we all are.  

  • A community-based organization with expert volunteers and enterprise partners. 

Vision and Mission

  • Our vision is “Protected data; Happier people.” 

  • Our mission is to enable the underserved sectors’ datacare awareness and postures at scale:

    • Assist Cities and Communities in cyber risk strategy, planning, and execution

    • Match Cities and Communities’ needs with trusted and affordable solutions 

    • Foster a culture of trust and resilience in a variety of formats

Who Do We Serve & Why?

  • We serve schools, city, county and state governments, nonprofits, small and medium businesses, and individuals

  • Cyber criminals do not discriminate whether you are a small business or large enterprise, student or professional, young or old, they attack and exploit the unprotected

  • To drain cyber criminals' finance, we need to break their supply chain of low-hanging fruits. 

How Are We Different?

  • Business model

We are a digital-first nonprofit.  It allows us to provide trusted services at a fraction of commercial cost. We save traditional overheads such as office and software expenses. We have the state of the art digital capabilities thanks to our partners such as Google, AWS, Salesforce, and Okta.

  • Our people

Our expertise in protecting data according to laws and regulations, best practices and forward thinking is exceptional.  Our founders, board of directors, board of advisors, management and staff are industry thought leaders, keynote speakers and visionary thinkers. Our people are passionate professional volunteers, whose hearts are in helping the community. They also coach newer entrants based on our proven training model. 

  • Our focus

The underserved sector is our focus, including local governments, schools, small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. To serve their needs with good, affordable and fast enough solutions, we partner with other innovators and enterprises.

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