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Our Story

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Cybersecurity Forecast

"Cloudy. Will get worse before it gets better."

-- Lan Jenson at NIST GCTC Expo July 2019


With Cybertrust America

Local governments and businesses have acquired "cyber umbrellas" (risk-based posture) to defend against cybersecurity storms. 


We are also shaping up an Adopters Platform for under-served organizations to access good, affordable and reasonably fast help.

How Did We Get This Idea?


The idea for Cybertrust America came into being when Lan Jenson asked her 4th grader's beloved doctor how they were keeping the little one's information secure.


“Our IT guys take care of that,” the doctor beamed proudly. Then he added, “we’ve recently migrated our data to the cloud.”  


"Oh boy," Lan would love to believe it's all good, but IT people aren't typically trained in cybersecurity. As someone who hacked the hackers professionally, and had helped the Secret Service make arrests, Lan had seen too often "what could go wrong go wrong."


And Lan's little one, well, might be the collateral damage.  If sensitive medical data is breached, there may be cyberbullying, and digital records could live on like a nightmare.

Lan shared with the doctor that he, as the owner, not the IT guys, are responsible according to HIPAA. But "it's not my area of expertise," the doctor confessed.


"If only people like the doctor are rewarded for protecting their clients' data, and are helped with easy access to good, affordable, and reasonably fast protection services," Lan continued to think about the clinic.

Fortunately, Lan knew passionate, knowledgeable, and influential colleagues, and knew exactly what to do.

In 2017, Lan formed Adaptable Security Corp, and received tax-deductible status.  It grew into the current name in January 2021.

Our Strategy

We provide visibility, awareness, and consulting for organizations through two venues:

First, we provide sustainable services. These include consulting and fulfilling grants.


Second, we provide sustainable education free of charge, e.g., organizing events and webinars, and speaking at influential events.

To Support Us

You can support our 501(c)3 nonprofit with tax-deductible donations. Your donations will be used 100% on supporting our free services to the under-served sectors and individuals. 

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