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About Cybertrust America


A Silicon Valley-based 501(c)3 nonprofit (grown from Adaptable Security Corp EIN 81-4595679), Cybertrust enables digital transformation securely and equitably for local governments, small businesses and nonprofits since 2017.  Its vision is “Protected data; Happier people.” Cybertrust has benefited millions of people. 

Cybertrust’s CEO, Ms. Lan Jenson, co-chairs NIST GCTC / DHS-sponsored Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (SC3): Smart Security and Privacy SuperCluster. Cybertrust’s board of directors are respected executives in diverse fields (LinkedIn profiles below).

Leadership and Team

Volunteer Team 

Austin Tse
Alpha O Diallo
Edward Chang
Gregg Gibson
Lisa Kendall
Nitika Verma,
Subhashree Dhandapani

With deepest gratitude for your commitment to serve, we thank you on behalf of Cybertrust America and the SMB's we serve.

Board of Advisers

Mei Lin Fung

Co-founder of People Centered Internet (PCI), Mei Lin Fung co-designed the first CRM system at    Oracle. She served as Socio Technical lead for the US Dept. of Defense’s initiative on the Future of Health and is a member of the Digital Economy and Society World Future Council of the World Economic Forum. She serves as vice chair of the Internet Inclusion IEEE sub-committee, one of 3 tracks under the IEEE Internet Initiative.

John Philpin

John is co-founder of People First, which envisions a future fulfilling and worthy of all Human Beings. We ask of any initiative if it puts People First? If it does not, why not? People First works on behalf of all People. It is core to our thinking, why we are speaking up and why we work to bring trust for all people. John has also founded gleXnet and Beyond Bridges.

Neal O'Farrell

Neal is the Executive Director of The Identity Theft Council.  Neal is one of the world’s most experienced consumer security experts and has authored numerous books including the latest title “Double Trouble.”  Neal has been quoted by media such as NBC News, Reuters, and CNN.

Bruce Heard

Accomplished and certified IT Security professional with a proven track record of successfully completing complex enterprise-wide technical security projects, developing and improving technical and security processes, reducing corporate costs, effectively managing project time lines and resources, managing and mentoring solutions-oriented, global security engineering teams. Knowledgeable about GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001/2, NIST, PCI DSS, PII, SOX, and SSAE 16.

Kelley Misata

Dr. Kelley Misata, is a strategic leader and speaker who combines over 15 years in business leadership roles with a passion for facilitating critical conversations around responsible digital citizenship, digital safety, privacy, and freedom of speech online.

Today, she is expanding her groundbreaking dissertation research in the information of non-profits workings with victims of violence into a new nonprofit venture, Sightline Security. Her current role as the Executive Director of The Open Information Security Foundation and past role as Communications Director at The Tor Project allows Kelley to spotlight her expertise in fundraising, advocacy, policy discussions, marketing, training, and outreach activities with an array of stakeholders.

Zulfikar Ramzan

A veteran in the cybersecurity industry and the current Chief Digital Officer at RSA Security. Zulfikar has worked on cryptography, malicious software, phishing, online fraud, web application security, network security, and mobile security, among many other areas.


Dr. Andreas Kuehn

Dr. Andreas Kuehn is a Senior Fellow, Cyberspace Cooperation Initiative at Observer Research Foundation America.  Previously he was a Senior Program Associate within the EastWest Institute’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program where he leads the development of EWI’s breakthrough group efforts on “Increasing the Global Availability and Use of Secure ICT Products and Services” and “Secure, Resilient Cities and the Internet of Things”. He focuses on emerging information technology challenges at the intersection of cybersecurity, governance, and international security.

Daniel Crowley

Daniel Crowley is the head of research and a penetration tester for X-Force Red. Daniel denies all allegations regarding unicorn smuggling and questions your character for even suggesting it. Daniel is the primary author of both the Magical Code Injection Rainbow, a configurable vulnerability testbed, and FeatherDuster, an automated cryptanalysis tool. Daniel enjoys climbing large rocks and is TIME magazine's 2006 person of the year. Daniel has been working in the information security industry since 2004 and is a frequent speaker at conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, Shmoocon, and SOURCE. Daniel does his own charcuterie and brews his own beer. Daniel's work has been included in books and college courses. Daniel also holds the noble title of Baron in the micronation of Sealand.

Rod Soto

A Black Hat World Champion, Rod has mentored many aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Rod is the founder of Pacific Hackers group and conference  

Key Personnel

Business Leads


Lan Jenson (CEO)

Kenny Yuen (COO)
Gregg Gibson (Partnership)
Joy Jin
Jennifer Tate McHattie
Lily Wang 
Russell Shiffer
Shashank Gupta 
Erin An (CFO)
Evan Spring
Kate McPhail
Subrahmanya Duvvuri
Miles Robinson (CSO)


Gagandeep Kaur


Jonathan Reichental (multi-year planning)

Lan Jenson (multi-year planning)

Damien Thwaites (multi-year planning)

Maryam Rahmani (cyber risk assessment)

Gary Hayslip (secure architecture)

Matt Stamper (secure architecture)

Bil Harmer (secure architecture)

Olga Jiali (education sector)

Edward Beck (layered security)

Edward Chang (penetration test lead)
Aleta Nye (privacy and legal)
John MacInnis (cyber risk assessment)
Peter Ng (cyber risk assessment)

Technical Leads

Daniel Schleig
Niraj Saran (CTO)
Raj Chaganti
Viraj Gandhi
Swetha Kannan
Justin Dyer
Basant Patidar
Christopher Guzman
John (Chi Hon) Law
Ike Orji
Rohan Talwalkar
Ping Wu
Venkat Ramana
Divya Vaitheswaran
Yimin Sun
Rose Reyes
Pamela Gupta (CISO)
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