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Vision Statement

Together we build a smart secure future; In silos we stagnate. 

Governments, Small Businesses /Nonprofits, and Industry re-discover pressing needs of our time, re-envision strategies, and re-connect to share the latest resources, innovations, and success stories.

How do you protect what you have and grow against cyberattackers and threats? With a busy schedule and not a whole lot of coins too. Come and network with people who have done it, and telling people what you need.

95% of the attendees said they learned useful information and planned to recommend actions to their management at work, even family and kids last year. Join the several hundred people in our government-and-community-organized Symposium to win in our increasingly digitalized future aided by AI, 5G and more!

Act locally, impact globally – Successful use cases will be shared across 200+ GCTC participating cities and communities. As GCTC Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee’s annual event on the west coast, the event gathers national and international thought leaders and pioneers for securing Smart Cities in governments, private sector partners, nonprofits and academia.

A bold, innovative, community-centered approach is imperative to solve one of the biggest challenges of our time.  And solve we must. Join the visionary and pragmatic leaders of our day from Washington DC to San Jose and 500 SMB-G decision makers, implementers and professional volunteers.  Together, let’s enable Smart Secure Cities and Communities for generations to come.

1 Day, 40+ Speakers & Opportunities for SMB-G, Nonprofits, and Public Schools.  Lunch will be provided. Post event raffle and networking is arranged for your enjoyment. Free professional headshot will be onsite as well. Free parking.

Event Date:  

Oct 5, 2019

Venue:  County of Santa Clara Government Center 
Address: 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110



Tickets Pricing

General Admission: FREE


* $0 for Government and Nonprofits Personnel
* $0 for Small & Medium Business
* $0 for Speakers & Volunteers
* $0 for Cybersecurity Professionals

General Inquiry:

Who Should Attend


Why Should You Attend


* Learn SMB-G trend from leaders

* Find resources to generate revenue * Network with peers and experts

Larger Business

* Increase brand awareness as leader
* Broaden market face-to-face at scale
* Contribute to community's well-being


* Network with leaders and experts
* Sign up for opportunities to grow career
* Mentor others in cybersecurity and privacy

Topics & Discussion

Solving SMB-Governments Pain Points

Government and Nonprofit

  • How to get best practices if we embark on Smart Secure Cities?

  • How to invest in technology based on risk and know the right vendors?

  • How to ensure my key stakeholders are aware and supportive with funding?

  • How to avoid showing up in the news for a data breach?

  • How to detect and respond when a data breach occurs?

  • How to recruit effectively for my cybersecurity and privacy needs?


  • How to grow my business in the internet age and protect my customer data, secure my website and online transactions?

  • What are regulatory requirements if my business handles credit card information or children’s or health records?

  • Is the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 going to impact me?   

  • What do I need to do in anticipation of Department of Defense’s (DoD) new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification?

  • Am I a low hanging fruit for cybercriminals (50% of SMBs have experienced cyber attacks such as ransomware)?

  • What to do if my business suffers a data breach?

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