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Cybertrust America

 (Formerly Adaptable Security Corp)

A not-for-profit consortium helping 500+ cities and organizations achieve desirable and trusted cyber risk postures with legally defensible strategies and execution. 

A Technology and Management Consulting Not-for-profit Consortium

Big gaps and opportunities:

  • Increase adoption of good, affordable and fast solutions

  • Help regional and cross-sector collaboration

  • Secure digital safetynet

  • Smart City

    • Cybertrust America leads NIST Initiative - GCTC Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge: Smart Secure Societies 

    • Projects: Regional Cybersecurity Governance and Virtual SOC

  • Media

    • Raise visibility among communities

    • Projects: CISA Cyber Summit, RSA Conference, Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities​

  • Digital SafetyNet

    • Accelerate digital safetynet at $0 for small businesses​

    • Projects: City of Coral Gables, Silicon Valley

Grow Trust and Your Business:

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