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TechCARES: One World Together Via Technologies.

Small Businesses

Lan Jenson

“To survive intact through and beyond COVID-19, we need to help small businesses and nonprofits survive and pivot.

CARES complements governments and business associations while they are in overdrive with a bottom-up, technology-enabling approach. We provide compassion and trusted expertise to help our communities survive and thrive into the future with technologies.”

Megan Stifel
Executive Director, Americas

“With a recent survey finding that 70% of small businesses have applied for CARES Act assistance, it’s clear that now more than ever these economic engines need a broad range of support.

GCA is pleased to join the Coalition, share our small business cybersecurity toolkit ( and work from home resources (”

Irvin Lemus
Regional Coordinator

“Tech-CARES provides a great opportunity for the students in our program to apply their skills and knowledge in our communities. It is an honor to see these students step up alongside professionals to learn from them while helping those in need.”  Bay Area Cyber Competitions

Catherine Nikolovski
Founder and CEO
Niloufer Tamboly
Board of Directors
Pamela Gupta
Board of Directors
David Witkowski
Executive Director of Civic Technologies

“The global pandemic, and resulting economic and supply chain impacts, have dramatically raised the importance of addressing digital inclusion in various communities.”

“Our response and recovery to this novel crisis requires that we get all Silicon Valley residents and small businesses online, and we see grassroots efforts like Tech-CARES as a great way to address that need.  We’re honored to partner with them on this important work.”

Deidre Diamond
Founder and CEO

“There is no greater reward than helping people get careers in a field that they can build a prosperous life from.

I am thrilled to support Tech-CARES.”

Mei Lin Fung
Co-Founder and Board Chair

“At a time of crisis, the relationships we forge facing crisis together will be the strongest personally and business-wise that we will have for the rest of our lives, we will never forget this time.

Digital technology has been a boon to those businesses who can do things online – Tech-CARES can help businesses get more of their business online, let’s make lemonade of lemons, we can take advantage of the downtime to emerge stronger.”

John MacInnis

“In line with our mission, the ISC2-Silicon Valley Chapter is proud to support this effort. Enhancing cybersecurity best practice across small businesses, non-profits and other smaller yet vital organizations in our communities takes a village.”

Jimmy Sanders

“The SFBay ISSA Chapter is galvanized to be able to participate in providing  expertise and services that will contribute to aiding our community.”

John Philpin

“The news is full of how large companies are seriously suffering in the era of COVID-19.

Even the largest technology  companies are having trouble keeping up with the demands on their infrastructure and discovering problems and bugs in their offering hitherto unknown.

But what about the smaller, local businesses?

I for one am delighted to see this initiative come together to add real value to the business that truly are the lifeblood of America.”

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