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TechCARES: One World Together Via Technologies.

Small Businesses

Don Mateo Foods

Don Mateo Foods Introduction Video

TechCARES Don Mateo Foods Project Presentation

One small business that the TechCARES team has a pleasure working with is Don Mateo Foods. The owner, Rosie, was looking for volunteers to help grow her online presence for her grocery store. The TechCARES team members held multiple meetings with Rosie to decide what platform would be best for her store. Collectively, they decided to promote her business on Facebook by using Facebook Marketplace to to increase social media engagement and appeal more customers.

The TechCARES team also created a presentation which allows the business owner to understand the changes being made or added to help grow her online presence. Having remote meetings allowed both the team and the owner to share ideas, ask questions, and demonstrate the new technology being implemented.

You can visit the Don Mateo Foods Facebook page at

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