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Scale Up Adoption

2 Ways to Scale Adoption

1. Connecting partners

  • Providing consultation to NIST GCTC participants and beyond

  • Visibility for partners at the Cybersecurity Symposium for Smart Cities

  • Sharing solutions on Trustly, an Adopters Platform (in development)

2. Innovating solutions

  • Providing legally-defensible forward-looking solutions for Smart Cities

  • Contributing use cases to NIST GCTC: SSP’s publications (see the right)

  • Examples below

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.22.23 PM.png

Scaling Examples

Cyber Risk Assessment
Cyber Risk Posture Planning.png
Multi-year Planning for Risk-based Posture
Regional Cybersecurity Governance and VSOC
Certificate Prog.png
Upskilling for Smart Cities
Trustly Graph.png
- Adopters Platform
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