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As a cybersecurity professional and enthusiast /advocate, the world needs you. You help defeat negligence and cybercrimes if you:

  • rate and review organizations and products’ security levels

  • implement a project at a local school, hospital, bank, government or nonprofit 

Sign up today and feel good for doing your part and being a hero in your kids’ eyes and in your community! 

If you are new to cybersecurity, you’ll be mentored; if you are an experienced professional and aspires to grow your career, you can lead a project team and mentor others.  Cybertrust America lets you view numerous projects of local and national impacts.  You do what you do the best, and CTA will support you along the way with scoping, client communication and quality/schedule management.

Risk Assesment CTA.png

Risk Assessment - You’ll use our free methodology and tool adapted from the widely accepted NIST CSF and other standards to assess an organization’s risk levels, and provide best practice recommendations.

Recruitment - You have a chance to be matched with organization’s hiring needs.  Organizations trust our matching because of our expert perspectives and your experience.

Cybersecurity Program - You’ll combine the risk assessment report with the organization’s risk profile and recommend the most cost-effective strategy.

Compliance - You have done one or multiple compliance with regulations.  Help others get better and hone your skills in the meantime.

Training - Use your personal experience and human touch to drive the concept home for the trainees.

Client Communication - Policy statements are essential to an organization.  Help our clients state truthly their policies.

Vendor Evaluation - Provide objective method and results to evaluate vendors such as training, insurance providers.

Ad hoc - Use your comprehensive experience to do what’s needed by organizations so that we are all better off. 


Adaptable Security is a volunteer-run nonprofit.  To join our team, please sign up to be a member and indicate the following – Our management team will respond within one business day:

  • your expertise and interest

  • how you plan to make a difference

We seek expertise in the following areas, but not limited to them: 

User Experience Designer

This role will be focused on the usability of our platform to make it easy, simple and intuitive to use. You will collaborate with our development team to deliver high quality and engaging user experiences to our user base.

Market Communication Manager

This role will contribute to the overall marketing strategy & adoption of our web-based platform and services. You will develop communication collateral, marketing campaigns, company blog and newsflash to showcase our cybersecurity leadership to clients, prospect donors, public schools, nonprofits and individual users.

Social Media Specialist

This role will drive digital media strategy and marketing promotions across major social media channels. You will be responsible for the creation of social media content, ideation of new social media engagement, and distribution of content across primary social media platforms.

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